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Ahhh Blogging

Ahhhh blogging. I have been told several times that I should start a blog. “It's not hard,” they said. “Just write something and post it on the web,” they advised. “Now that you are retired and have so much time on your hands it'll be fun,” they opined. So after almost a year of being retired I thought----why not. Being the overachieving, Type A personality that I am, I decided to do a little research first (I don't really want to make myself seem stupid). Here’s what I found out…..THERE COULD BE A COLLEGE COURSE ON HOW TO CREATE A BLOG. The rules and requirements and suggestions on how to do it are numerous and complicated. Makes the graduate thesis I wrote (thank you Sonya) look like a 10th grade essay. Then, even if you master the mechanics of the blog you still have to worry about content. Here is some of the advice I have been given or read. 1. It's like a diary. Just write your thoughts. Haha NO. My thoughts are scary to me. If other people were to know what they are I would most likely be jailed, institutionalized, shot or any combination of the above. No one, I repeat no one, should be subjected the the randomness of what goes on in my head. 2. Write about your family. Ok, I have a great family. And I could write about them some but for the most part that wouldn't really be fair for a couple of reasons. One is that you would think I tell tall tales but honestly you can't make the kind of stuff that goes on my family up. It's the real deal. And secondly I would have to write a lot about my wonderful grand daughter and great niece which would just make all the rest of you jealous. 3. Write about your daily life. Again, haha NO. Why would you want to know about what I am fixing for dinner (it's the same everyday anyway….go to Daddy's and eat whatever yumminess he has prepared)? Or maybe you want to know more about the decision making that goes into whether I should shave off the hairs on my big toes or just braid it and let it grow. Really. Or maybe you are interested in if I washed my hair this morning or chose the dry shampoo option. Nononono. 4. Politics. Just no. However I have an idea percolating regarding patriotism that might make a good blog. Back to the blog or not to blog. Let's just say, for the sake of argument that I decide to be a blogger. Then I have to worry about plagiarism because honestly there just can't be take much of a variety of things for people to blog about. So, for example, let's say I wake up tomorrow with a great idea for a blog. I get out of bed, get my coffee with chocolate and vanilla creamer (don't judge me) and blog about gettting my eyebrows waxed. Now, what if some other creative and insightful person got up with the same idea but she doesn't use cream in her coffee so she got to blogging a few minutes quicker than me. Chances are our blogs will be very similar because really how much can be said about getting your eyebrows waxed. Then she reads my blog that was written after hers and she wants to sue me for plagiarism. See what I mean. It can be a dangerous proposition. However, I do spend quite a bit of time waiting on people and things. I don't do very well with idle time so I guess I could pen (ok type with my thumbs on a cell phone) some blogs while waiting in the Dr’s office, or waiting on the laundry to finish, or waiting to go to workout class or waiting... well you get my drift. So, I will become a blogger. I will use my past and present life at Andy’s Trout Farm (so yes it will include my family) as my inspiration but there is really no telling where we will end up. You might had well come along just to see how out there I get. Everyday’s an adventure!!!! (Now if I can just figure out what to do with this).

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